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School of Information and Optoelectronic Science and Engineering

Full time faculty and staff:52
Professors: 12
Associate professors:11
Students: about 528 undergraduate students and 218 postgraduate students

Brief Introduction:
School of Information and Optoelectronic Science and Engineering was founded in 31st January, 2002 under the effort of Prof. Songhao Liu, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Science and former President of South China Normal University, reorganized from Institute of Quantum Electronics, Laboratory of Light Transmission Optics and Department of Optoelectronic Engineering. It is a new style school with its goal of the combination of study and research with production in outside companies for students. The school has high standard research faculty and teams. Among the faculty members there are 27 PhDs and 14 Masters, and many of them have won various prizes of the country or provincial level for their innovative works. In the past two decades, the school has developed to be a leading education and research center for optoelectronic science and engineering in Guangdong province.

Undergraduate Programs
Subjects or Fields:

1. Information Engineering

Major courses offered: Foundation of Circuit Analysis, Electronic Fundamental Experiment, Electronic Practice, Engineering Optics(Bilingual teaching), Engineering Mathematics, Special Topics on engineering mathematics, Technique & Craft of Semiconductor Photoelectric Device, Semiconductor Laser, Sensor Technique & Application, Optal-electronic Materials & Device, Engineering Graphics & CAD, Principle & Technique of Photoelectronic Image, Optoelectronic Signal Detection, Photoelectronic Device Physics & Design, Optical Information Processing, Laser Fine Processing, Laser Device & Technique, etc.

2. Optical Information Science and Technology

Major courses offered: Electrodynamics, Foundation of Circuit Analysis, Electronic Fundamental Experiment, Electronic Practice, General of Nonlinear Optics, Engineering Optics(Bilingual teaching), Solid State Physics, Optal-electronic Materials & Device, Optoelectronic Detect Technique, Foundations of Optoelectronics & Optical Fiber, Photoelectronic & Electronic Information Materials, Foundation of Fiber Optics, Optical Fiber Communication, Seminar on Optics Frontier, Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Physical Optics, Fourier Optics, etc.

Master of Science Programs
Subjects or Fields:

1. Optics

Major courses offered:  Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics, Laser Principles & Technology, Advanced Optics, Theory of Light Transmission, Quantum Information, Nonlinear Fiber Optics, System and Technology of Optical Communication, Laser Spectroscopy, Optical Information Processing, etc.

2. Optical Engineering

Major courses offered: Optoelectronic Detection and Imaging, The Components for Optics Communication & the Technology of Optical Sensing, Foundations of Materials Science, Laser processing technology, Modern optical measurement methods and application, Integrated Opto-electronics Technology, Topics in Modern Optics, etc.

3. Microelectronics and Solids Electronics

Major courses offered: Modern materials processing principles, Laser devices, Foundations of electromechanical controlling technology, Mechanics properties of materials, Composite Materials, Three-dimensional CAD, Modern Measurement and Analysis  Technology, Science and Engineering of Ceramics, Bijouterie processing technology, etc.

4. Material Physics and Chemistry
Major courses offered: Condensed Matter Physics, Plasma chemistry, Nano-material and technology, New energy materials, Thin film physics and technology, Semiconductor Optic Electronics and Optoelectronic Devices, Advanced Physical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Experimental Method, Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Functional Material, etc.

Philosophiae Doctor programs

1. Optics

Major courses offered: Quantum Information, Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Theory of Light Transmission, Nanophotonics, Nonlinear Fiber Optics, Physics of  Semiconductors in low dimensions, Scientitic Computing, etc.

2. Microelectronics and Solids Electronics
Major courses offered: Light Wave Guide Theory and Technology, Ultrashort Light Pulse Technology, Material Physics and Chemistry, Quantum Well and Superlattice, etc.



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